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Hi. My name is Ira Jourdain. Besides being a candidate for Minneapolis Board of Education I am a busy guy. I have 4 beautiful kids. My kids range from age 17 down to age 6. I have been involved in the Human Services field since I started at American Indian OIC (which was a great opportunity) in Minneapolis in 2004. I have since worked with families in the Human Services area and am currently employed at Division of Indian Work in Minneapolis in the Father Project program working with dads.
I was raised to value education and work hard to achieve a post-secondary education as well. I finished my A.A. degree from Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College when they had a Minneapolis campus here in 2004. I am currently working towards finishing my B.S. in Business Management as well as Paralegal Certificate through online programs. With my hectic schedule I found that online programs suit me just fine. And I always say that if I hadn’t changed my major so many times I would have been done years ago. At the same time I get to set the example of my kids seeing me work towards achieving a post-secondary education.
I love to read and write and I am very fortunate that my kids all share in the same joy of reading. I like to write as well and someday would love to publish a book. You can find us at either the Southdale Library or the Nokomis Library. You can also find us during the summertime at many other places including Como Zoo, Minnehaha Falls, and French Park Reserve among others as not only a fun place to play but to also learn something at the same time.

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  1. I have known Ira for at least a dozen years or more, and I can tell you that he is one conscientious, intelligent and approachable young man. I have watched him grow from a young college kid to an involved father and community member, not only in his Minneapolis community, but also his native homeland of Red Lake. I am pleased to see than he has tackled this endevour, and hope that the Minneapolis voters give a new face and new ideas a chance, and steer away from letting a “party pick” guide them. Ira would prove to be a refreshing and involved and open person on the School Board.
    Tharen E. Stillday

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