The sauna lighting: LED lights or fiber optical cables?

I would like the sauna a little indirect and faint light to create atmospheric. I reflect a little of options between the LEDs and the optical fiber. I heaped this both pros and cons.

Led lights sauna

+ Easier to install
+ An Affordable Solution
– It will not be very high heat
– The tone is often more hints of blue
– Led exchange can be tricky

Fiber lights in the sauna

+ Good resistance to the use of
+ Permitted for installation over the stove
+ Fiber lamps projector replacement easy if breaks
– Expensive Price
– A trickier to install

In fact, I’m leaning on the optical fiber side. What experience do you have a sauna lighting?

Enter your house to decay and build a new one

Why renovate places in order, when the decay and deterioration, however, are inevitable things? Give the other hand, it tönösi to decay slowly they lie, finally kicking down the whole shack than a house of cards, and could ever having built a new stone castle in its place. Or not having built a stone castle, stone material is a lousy alternative. Wood is to be considered, namely the condition of the timber frame is a perfect example, people with asthma – it is ilmanvaihdollisilta characteristics significantly better than umpion forming the stone, so indoor air is much fresher in a wooden house to breathe. Except where there is a mold and each retraction fill the lungs with spores – Then I called you. and screwed badly. Asbestos is another fucking thing like, as well as lead paint painted walls. So, if your tongue starts to go black and you see yourself sick, we take part in.


Change the tent, a cardboard box or a waste container

If you are poor and miserable, is a good alternative way of living to change the yard’s tent. If you are too broke to purchase a tent else, get a cardboard box. If you can not find a cardboard box either, do not worry, we have the panacea that works every time. Follow our guidance, step by step, so you can shelter to sleep.

  1. Find blocks of flats or terraced housing area
  2. Find blocks of flats or terraced house waste and recycle roof
  3. Pain to sleep a waste container
  4. ???
  5. = Profit!

Do not forget your responsibilities


These portfolio page you do not ever have to spend öitäsi under the open sky or asbestos, mold and lead-filled murjussa. Waste container for sleeping virtues are natural scents, and stress that you may experience when you wake up the back of the garbage truck just moments before he crushed waste compactor. However, if you prefer to continue your life, we recommend you to sleep with one eye open. Naturally, we do not assume any responsibility if our instructions you will end up following the death or severely disabled.



A good renovation project will be completed with good drinks

The use of alcohol in connection with the renovation – a threat or an opportunity? Many who think that liquor is not suitable for connection with a renovation but the undersigned claims that the moderate relaxation is good. And that’s what can be get in a relaxing thirst by drinking, when there is too much scab läträämään. A cold beer or two is ideal for the renovation renovations as if on a hot summer day. I would argue that every laborer to share praise their heart’s content, if allowed to break ice cold pils beer beverage. And it is taskunlämpöinenkin for lack of better.

I have noticed that a little jalommatkin drinks are remodeling Soother. My hand is much more stable and a more relaxed mind, when I get a taste of the full water of life among the hard planning session. Water of Life is therefore equal to the whiskey. It has many times become a moderation in the game (quite literally when the single maltteja drunk), when there is one little korkannut felling own his whiskey and given a carpenter’s pencil to sing with new ideas. And a glass of whiskey than to be at that point on the last condition, from here you will see recommendations for the proper configuration.


Cider will let down the hill, unless the right people are disgruntled

Yes thirst drinks have always been a beer, but if the contrary brings cider available in by force, I do not refuse it. Yes it is a moment bummed, but it can be even ketutukseen drink. And after all the dry, cold cider likely to take the shake-man’s thirst if it is correct hard at work on the increase.

However, a cold beer man on the road and keep an always enjoyed if possible in connection with a renovation, especially in the summer. And the beer goes for you to enjoy if one of the formidable glasses ! The cold autumn evenings or winter days work may stand still due from an aromatic glass of whiskey.