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Ira Jourdain




We need strong community schools across our district. They build a foundation of strong bonds within families, neighbors, local businesses and lead to great partnerships that benefit all. They are vital to any communities long-term success and growth.


I work in Human Services with families and have seen firsthand the struggles many of our families experience outside of the classroom that impact what happens in the classroom in regards to our children’s learning (i.e. housing-homelessness, transportation, domestic violence, employment)I want to expand on building on collaborations with non-profits, etc. On the district level I want to use my experience and improve on how we work with families facing these tough issues.


As a parent of MPS children I want to make sure that all children have all the necessary resources in the classroom to succeed. This includes teachers who excel in their profession. I’d like to establish a more robust teacher mentoring-support program when they first begin their career. As well as ongoing support as they progress through their career. We need to invest long-term in our teachers who do well and succeed in their profession.


As a parent I appreciate seeing generally the same teachers and staff in the schools year in and year out. I know that maintaining stability and familiarity in our schools with families not only builds a strong sense of community, but also builds great communication, development and growth of all staff in the building, and trust. This is something I will work on because I know how important that is firsthand.


There are many great things going on in our district that work and we can build on and be proud of. Some examples are the “Co-teaching” model at Lucy Laney that has shown results and the top-notch IB program at Edison HS. Showcasing what works in all areas of the district makes us attractive to parents looking to educate their families. And for the families that have chosen MPS it provides insight to making sure they made the right choice in choosing MPS.


As a parent of MPS children along with many fellow MPS parents, families, community members, leaders and organizations I have a strong vested interest in the long term success of our schools. These are my ideas and goals to make Minneapolis Public Schools the best they can be for every student and their family. I ask for your support and thank you.

Ira Jourdain                                                                                                               Candidate At-Large                                                                                             Minneapolis Board of Education                                                                                   (763)438-2999                                                                                                                                                                  FB: Ira Jourdain for Mpls Board of Education


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